Studying a mentor is the oldest method in history when learning the secrets of playing an instrument. "Guitar Guru Technique" is based on these principals, a great way to improve your guitar technique.

Play a song

GuitarGuru Technique will inspire and improve your technique by playing songs. The melody is played with a pick, and the accompaniment with fingerstyle technique.

Mute parts

Hit the blue guitar to mute the part you have studied. Then play along with a full band of drums, bass and guitar. All in real time.

Adjust Tempo

Adjust the tempo to your level. Slow down the music to practice at a comfortable pace, without changing the pitch of the music.

Beautiful Notation

Each chapter is written with music notation, tablature and chords. Fingering, positioning, and pick directions are accurately written into the scores for you to follow. The app turns pages as you play.